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Sinani is a registered non-profit organisation, located in the Lowveld region of South Africa. We support local community initiatives to feed and care for orphans, vulnerable children and widows.  We partner with those who have the heart to see their community taken care of but may need additional resources to set them up for success.  Our desire is to develop fully operational life centres in each of our communities. For that to happen, we need a champion who is ready to lead a team, proper infrastructure and financial partners to fund the initiative. Once the community has a safe place to gather, our vision is to feed the most vulnerable children, assist with basic health needs, and provide a variety of activities to stimulate their minds and bodies. We guide our youth to listen to the Lord and deepen their relationship with Jesus through ongoing discipleship. We do all of this with careful consideration of who we are partnering with, as well as a strong encouragement of community ownership.



Our mission is to mobilise, encourage and equip the church to effectively care for the spiritual and physical needs of orphans, vulnerable communities and widows. We provide support and channel generosity and resources to those who desperately need it. We are a voice for orphans, vulnerable communities and widows.


Our vision is to partner with our community based projects and to grow each of them into fully operational life centres – a place where children are known, loved, fathered & mothered, cared for, fed and helped with homework. Life centres are a safe place where vulnerable children can develop through play, and a place that sees them, while giving hope & opportunity for these young people to grow to their full God-given potential.

Stewardship & Accountability

How We Operate

We channel generosity and resources to identified projects that need it most. We help in the facilitation of vital connections that many rural or poor communities do not have. Currently, we have 1200 orphaned and vulnerable children under the Sinani umbrella that we care for. We have learned that a successful life centre takes time. Consistency in weekly visits, along with strong relationships help us to properly identify needs in a joint effort with the community leaders.

Sinani is governed by a Board of Directors and accountable to the greater Church Unlimited Eldership team.

How We Are Financed

Generosity comes from individuals, businesses and international partners to support the communities we work in. Due to the regular requests for support in other communities we are not currently working in, we are seeking to expand our scope of funding in order to grow with the demand. Any funds received are applied to the most vital needs in the communities we serve. With that said, we are open to location-specific initiatives and project-based donations.

Sinani’s financials are audited by a third party accounting firm on an annual basis.

what we believe

Learn more about our statement of faith as a ministry of Church Unlimited here

Government Certifications

BEE Level 1

As a non-profit organisation, Sinani has obtained our Level 1 BEE certification because 75% or more of our beneficiaries are black Africans. If you require our BEE Certification, please contact us here.

Section 18A - Tax Benefit

Donations to Sinani are tax deductible under SARS Section 18A.  To request a Section 18A certificate contact finance@sinani.org, clearly indicating the donor’s name, and attach proof of payment for verification purposes.

  • Download our debit order form here.
  • Complete your details, indicate how many children you would like to sponsor and sign.
  • Email the completed form to finance@sinani.org.