Oakley Hope Centre


Oakley Hope Centre is located just outside of Hazyview, passed the town of Mkhuhlu and serves 100 children Monday to Friday. This community struggles with finding clinics that are close enough to help them. For that reason, we would like to get a mobile clinic service started. Many of the children don’t have access to proper health facilities and many of their care givers are ill due to this situation. Oakley Hope Centre had a great introductory year with Foundations for Farming and we plan on continuing our support of this initiative. This area, like many of our communities, struggles with access to clean water. If they had a proper irrigation system, their garden would thrive. Unfortunately, they spend a tremendous amount of time trying to keep the vegetables watered. The care workers have recently attended our Care Worker Equip time and are now putting into practice what they have learnt, to help care for the vulnerable children more holistically.

The young men of our centre have such a desire to learn more about Jesus and have requested bible study programs and Sunday church services.  We are very excited that on 5 September 2021, Church Unlimited Oakley was opened!  This will ensure that the people of Oakley will continue to hear the Good News of Jesus and be able to grow in their faith.


Irrigation Equipment (one time)

R 15 000  |  $ 1 200  |  € 1 000

Funding for daily feeding (per month)

R 4 000  |  $ 320  |  € 270

Training for Care Workers (per year)

R 5 000  |  $ 400  |  € 330

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