The Importance of Home Visits

Home visits are key to the work we do. Sinani team members and care workers at our life centres, try to make community home visits a priority in the mornings, when our kids are in school, as well as during school holidays, to visit families as a whole.

Before a child is enrolled into our program, we primarily do a home visit to assess the context of the child, to gather information regarding their home environment, family history and structure, as well as where their vulnerabilities are.

In order to build relationships with care givers, and maintain open lines of communication, we continually visit the homes of the children who attend our life centres.  This enables us to continually assess their home environment and remain aware of their circumstances, as a child may not always voice what’s going, when visiting the life centres.

This is also a time for us to pray with, encourage and minister to the families.  Some have many struggles and vulnerabilities, and it is important to us to show them that we care enough to sit with them and spend time with them.

We welcome volunteers to join us, as we not only care for the vulnerable children in the communities we work into, but also provide support to their families.

For more information on how you can join us on home visits, please click the following link:  Get Involved – SINANI

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