Sinani Arts Academy

We are very excited this year to be launching the Sinani Arts Academy, with the help of several accomplished individuals! The arts give children confidence, develop creativity, and teach valuable skills. They have been proven to improve academic achievement, spark innovation, and strengthen the economy. Not only that, but the arts have powerful therapeutic value in helping facilitate healing in those who have gone through trauma. This year we are incorporating the arts into our life centres, and giving our vulnerable children the opportunity to engage weekly in music, drama, dance and visual arts. 


We have already launched two choirs, under the direction of a professional and accomplished musician, with a big heart for disadvantaged children. Marimba classes, which began last year, are continuing in three of our communities. A dance class is currently being piloted in one centre, and a visual arts class in another; both teachers weaving bible stories and spiritual truths into their lessons. Drama clubs are set to get underway next month, with a focus on helping children to express themselves, and work through the wounds of their past in a safe place. A drama professor at the University of Mpumalanga, with a passion for celebrating South African language, culture and heritage through creative storytelling, is also getting involved. 


The children look forward to these activities, and are already growing in confidence, skills and self-expression. There are plans for a ‘Sinani Showcase’ later this year, so watch this space for more details!

If you would like to get involved, contact us here.

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