I Was Hungry

Africa has 30% of the world’s natural resources, an abundance of arable land, and some of the best climate, rainfall, and soil in the world.  Yet, 35% of the population is chronically undernourished and the number of people living in poverty has increased.*

Sinani is partnering with the I WAS HUNGRY program to foster food security in rural communities. I WAS HUNGRY is transforming communities with a real solution to poverty, by training farmers to faithfully steward their land, family and finances.  This is achieved by teaching agricultural skills, which bring about a substantial increase in crop yield, as well as financial training, to manage the increase in resources.  Also included, is a training component by Foundations in Family, to strengthen the family unit. All three components are vital to bringing an end to hunger, dependency and poverty. Crown Financial Ministries and Foundations for Farming have combined forces with their proven methodologies to serve those dependent upon the land by empowering the people to be the best farmers in the world.

Sinani will carefully select a community to partake in the two-week program which will train 30 individuals, including key community leaders and influencers from that community.  After the training session, Foundations for Farming will continue to support that community with follow up visits for the next two years in an effort to increase the rate of success.

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Sinani is on mission to eradicate poverty and hunger by multiplying faithful stewards and we need your help. For enquiries or to partner with us, please contact deidre@sinani.org or call our office at 072 628 3696.


* Source: Kofi Annan – World Economic Forum on Africa, February 2008

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