Self-Sustainable Gardening

Elvis, from Mpakeni, is a disabled man with a heart for farming. His disability, however, didn’t define or prevent him from planting his own little vegetable garden next to his house. He has always believed in working hard to improve his circumstances, in order to create a better life for his family. He was identified by Sinani, as a potential vegetable provider to the Mpakeni Care Centre during a community home visit, and was sent for training at Foundations for Farming, whom Sinani partners with. There, he was taught new skills in farming “God’s way”. Sinani also provided him with the required equipment and support to enlarge his small garden. This enables him to not only serve his own family, but also his community, by providing the Care Centre with healthy, nutritious, organic vegetables to assist feeding the orphans and vulnerable children who visit the Centre daily. 

Elvis continues to embrace the principles he has learnt and practices his newly acquired skills faithfully. He has planted a beautiful, thriving vegetable garden, from where he now provides vegetables to several of the Sinani Care Centres, effectively creating a sustainable source of income for his family. In response to being asked which principles stood out for him during his training, he said: “I have learnt that you don’t need a lot of money to have a fruitful vegetable garden, but dedication and using what the Lord has already given me, as well as being generous, were the keys to succeeding.” 

Sinani aims to, in partnership with Foundations for Farming, bring transformation to individuals, communities and nations through the faithful and productive use of land. God has revealed a very simple conservation farming method with an implementation management teaching, which when applied, help people apply the Gospel to their lives. 

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