Blessed With Naartjies

Money doesn’t grow on trees, but one key to providing for South Africa’s less fortunate does. South Africa is the second largest citrus exporting country in the world. It is the first in the Southern Hemisphere, producing more than 60% of the Southern Hemisphere’s citrus exports. One of South Africa’s homegrown fruits is the naartjie, also known as the mandarin, satsuma, or tangerine. Naartjies are rich in vitamins and, most importantly, they boost the immune system. A strong immune system is crucial at a time when COVID-19 is sweeping across the globe, and those living in rural communities lack a nutritious, balanced diet and reliable access to sanitation.

Sinani has been blessed by a partnership with Indigo Fruit Farms, who has generously donated 10 tons of naartjies to our communities. Another local NGO, Mercy Air, has supplied transportation of the fruit to all our communities, which has been a huge help. Because of lockdown, people that live hand to mouth are struggling to put food on the table. The impact of the virus on food security has been severe. According to a poll by Ask Afrika, 9% of South Africans were food insecure before the lockdown. Now, that number has spiked to 30%. Mpumalanga- the province we work in- is reported to be struggling the most with the hunger aspect of the pandemic. In times like these, Sinani is so grateful to our partners that are helping us provide food to those in need. We are thankful to be living in this country with rich soil and abundant citrus, and for the generous and compassionate hearts that have donated their citrus to Sinani.

If you would like to get involved in providing for those in need, click here.

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