Lowveld Community Pulling Together During Lockdown

During lockdown, many communities have no way to provide for their families. We’ve been delivering food parcels to combat this. A recent partnership with COVID Flight Lowveld has helped us to increase our ability to do this. Many other NGO’s have joined arms in solidarity against hunger for those that have the greatest need. It’s been amazing to meet many new people for the common goal of helping our nieghbor. We have not deviated from feeding our children, in fact the opposite has happened, we’ve been able to feed them more with farmers from all over Mpumalanga donating fresh fruit and veggies. This is exciting, as these relationships won’t end after lockdown. Thank you to the many different organizations and individuals who have stepped up in this time of need. If you would like to participate in helping care for the poor and vulnerable, click here.

Click here to see the helicopter food drop in Oakley.

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