A week of workouts, fellowship and learning about the gospel. Two men from team Sinani and two men from different life centres in our communities went to Pretoria this month for a week of sports ministry, training and learning more about the Kingdom. ReadySetGo is an organization that partners with Sinani. A team member who went on the trip explained: “Ready is the process of gathering and envisioning people to make disciples for Christ in sport and play. Set prepares everyone to be a disciple-maker. Go gives us strategies to make disciples in the world of sports and play”.

The program was tough for some and inspiring for all. After the training, the guys will go back into community to demonstrate what they have learned. We hope that by means of doing sports with the kids and playing games, they will make disciples.

By training our people we aim to upskill them. Having people equipped to go out into different communities and bring out the best in our kids, is a huge gain for Sinani. This is also a gain for the communities, where they will learn and play at the same time, while learning about life skills and God in a fun and active way. Mostly, we see it has been a big gain for the people who went to Pretoria and participated in this training. They have grown from within and are now actively working on going out and growing the people around them.

Sinani is thankful for the people who went to the training and grateful for our partnership with ReadySetGo.

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