Teka Takho Disabled Centre Christmas Celebration

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SINANI Partnering with Mrs. Mpumalanga finalist for Christmas Cheer

Investing in the future through Tekatakho Disabled Centre

Monday – 19 November 2018. A centre that supports disabled individuals received a visit from a unique partnership of people brought together with the common goal of bringing hope to approximately 75 individuals who seemed to have really needed it. Tekatakho Disabled Centre founder, Raymond Motha spoke about the need in his community to not ignore those who have physical or mental disabilities. He said “when I see people with disabilities, I see people that are no different from myself”. Unfortunately, there are situations where people with disabilities are shut in their houses and have no visitors and no resources. Tekatakho serves as a beacon of hope for those people. “I have a tough job, I need transport to get these people to the centre” Motha said. Even though they struggle to get people to the centre and even to find a consistent partner for food donations, Prudence Dlamini-Nkosi & Raymond have resolve and hearts of gold for the people in this community.

Craig Rebro, Sinani Executive Director stated “We’ve been supporting Tekatakho for just a few months now and notice they are always incredibly thankful for even the little things.” With the help of Elna Botha – Mrs. Mpumalanga finalist, Tshepiso Phosa, Food Lovers Market, Mopani Pharmacy, & The News Horn, there was a packed house of people from the community to receive joy in the form of prayer, encouragement, gifts and food. There was dancing, multiple encouraging messages and even a visit from Father Christmas himself. In fact, there was hardly room to stand. After today’s event, they now can be thankful for somewhat bigger things. “We feel this could be the start to getting some much-needed assistance to the Tekatakho Disabled Centre” Rebro said.

He went on to say, “Education, nutrition, love and holistic care are important foundations for building a better life for this unique group of people. We know there are people who can help, we just need to connect the dots and shine light on the situation.”  Sinani’s goal is to partner with our twelve Community Based Projects and to grow each of these projects into fully operational Life Centers – a place where orphans & vulnerable people are known, loved, fathered & mothered, cared for and fed. Life Centers are a safe place where vulnerable children can develop through play, and a place that sees them while giving hope & opportunity to grow to their God-given full potential.

Sinani is currently supporting Tekatakho through our Foundations for Farming initiative, which has worked well in four other life centres we are currently working in. What is desperately needed is a fence to keep people out of the garden and to keep the disabled children safe and protected. Even people who use wheel chairs have been participating in taking care of the garden. It is inspiring that Tekatakho does not wait for handouts but rather, uses every resource and talent they have. It’s that attitude that has attracted attention to their efforts and is infectious to those that have the privilege to visit them. If you would like to learn more about what they are doing, contact Craig Rebro here.

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