Sinani Summit

From 11 to 13 October, Sinani hosted our Sinani Summit. It was a follow up to the first leadership conference we had in April. We used the first two days to equip & train from the foundation laid in April. This time, we had an ambitious goal of putting into practice what our leaders are learning. On Saturday, we brought 300 of our Sinani supported children from different communities to Zwelisha. We brought in Ready Set Go sports ministry from Cape Town to help lead the day. 

Odds against us, with a logistical nightmare of taxis for so many kids and hard to reach townships, as well as facing a 70% chance of rain, we pressed on. When we got into our cars to leave for the event, it was raining steadily. We prayed all the way there and as we pulled in, the rain stopped! When all the kids arrived, we gathered on the soccer pitch and with 300 kids, it was dead quiet. Surrounding the field were dark rain clouds, while where we stood it was dry. 

We had a fantastic day teaching the kids about Jesus and just letting them be kids. At 3 pm the last taxi pulled away and the rain started again. God is good!

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