Who We Are

Mission & Vision


Our mission is to mobilize, encourage and equip the church to minister to the spiritual and physical needs of orphans, vulnerable communities and widows. We provide support and channel generosity and resources to those that desperately need it. We are a voice for orphans, vulnerable communities and widows.


Our vision is to partner with our Community Based Projects and to grow each of these projects into fully operational Life Centers - a place where orphans are known, loved, fathered & mothered, cared for, fed and helped with homework. Life Centers are a safe place where vulnerable children can develop through play, and a place that sees them while giving hope & opportunity for these young people to grow to their God-given full potential.

Stewardship & Accountability

How We Operate

We channel generosity and resources to identified projects that need it most. We help in the facilitation of vital connections that many rural or poor communities do not have. Currently, we have 1100 orphaned and vulnerable children under the Sinani umbrella that we assist and/or provide food for. We have learned that a successful Life Center takes time. Consistency in weekly visitation along with strong relationships help us to properly identify needs in a joint effort with the community leaders.

How We are Financed

Generosity has come from our three Church Unlimited locations. Through these venues we seek generosity from our members to support the communities we work in. Due to the consistent requests for additional support in other communities, we have needed to expand our scope of funding to the business community and other interested parties. Funds received are managed by the Church Unlimited full-time accounting staff. Any funds received will be applied to the most vital need in any of the community projects we oversee but are more than open to project based donations and specific location initiatives.