When Sinani first goes into a community, the first thing we look for is a ‘Mother Theresa’ or a community leader with a heart for vulnerable children. In our experience, if that doesn’t exist, it is very difficult to provide support that leads to any real change. Dwaleni is one of those communities that has an absolute star, and her name is Angel.

Angel’s dedication to her community is admirable. Against all odds, she quit her job to make a difference for those around her. She traded this to fight for the poor and vulnerable, almost single handedly. Sinan has commited to helping to feed 166 children every week day.

It wasn't always that way though. Angel’s mom often asked her, “Where are you going to get the food today?” Her reply is, “I don’t know but I will come back with food.” Somehow, Angel always returned with enough food for the children. Umalusi used to feed children out of a small storage room but was given a plot in hopes for a proper structure. After over three years of patience, Sinani met with GEMS and we suggested they support Angel for their CSI initiative for 2018. Sinani was one of three to be chosen from and by God's grace, we were the final choice. Since then, a beautiful life centre has been put up and Angel’s dream is to have a community centre where the kids can receive holistic care is now a reality.

Angel has a contagious smile, but you can see deep determination in her call to help the poor. It embodies who she is. As with any community project, it takes financial support to keep them operating. Umalusi needs commited support to feed the children five days per week and finances to maintain their daily operations. If you would like to partner with us to support Angel: connect@sinani.org.