Bambanani community based organization, is a Hands at Work - Sinani supported project, located at one of the borders into the country of Swaziland. It’s very rural area with not much opportunity for work. There are currently 50 vulnerable children supported at this CBO. The Care Workers there are committed to caring not only for the children’s emotional and spiritual needs, but also the physical needs. Recently, all 50 children received soap and toothpaste to help improve their health and hygiene. Additionally, there were 18 children taken to the clinic where they received the necessary treatment. At the beginning of this year, there were 17 children in need who received school uniforms which will ensure that they are able to attend school.

An example of one of those children is twelve-year-old Lungelo. He was born into the home of his mother, father and grandparents but his life changed completely when, in 2012, his father passed away. Lungelo’s mother was left with the burden of caring for her six children. Despite these incredible challenges, the difficulties continued when colleagues of Lungelo’s father came and took away all the possessions that the family owned. Overcome by the challenges in front of her and unable to cope, Lungelo’s mother left the children in the care of their ageing grandparents. With six grandchildren to care for, providing even the most basic necessities was a struggle for Lungelo’s grandparents. The sole income the family received was from a government grant which did not sufficiently provide for the large family.

Under huge pressure, Lungelo’s grandfather sought out the Care Workers from the Bambanani Community Based Organisation (CBO), desperate for any help they could give him in raising his grandchildren. In response, and knowing it was for families like this that they existed, local Care Workers visited Lungelo’s house where they learned more of the family’s story and the extent of their vulnerability. Lungelo and his siblings were invited to become a part of the Care Point in Oshoek in 2014. Since this time, they have all received a daily nutritious meal, support with their education, and health care. But the care that Lungelo and his siblings receive extends far beyond simply their physical needs. With regular visits from his Care Worker, Thandi, and a relationship built on trust, Lungelo has started to heal and work through the grief of his absent mother. Lungelo has a place where he is emotionally and spiritually cared for by the Care Workers who love and accept him. If you would like to learn how you can be involved with this community contact: