Oakley Hope Centre is located in Hazeyview in the South African province of Mpumalanga. The centre feeds over 100 children every day and has a spiritual care worker involved with planned curriculum for the children on a daily basis. There are future plans for a sustainability project here to help the centre and community prosper. Reliable water is a problem in this community. The borehole (well) that Oakley relies on is running dry and they are in need of rain to have a consistent source of water. Even in the face of diversity, they’ve pressed on in partnership with Sinani supported Foundations for Farming and have planted vegetable gardens to help offset the food requirements for the children. A reading program was introduced to Oakley this year and local people from the community are trained by a local college to administer the reading program. Oakley is located approximately 90 minutes out of Hazyview. If you would like to join our team for a visit or to see how you can support the vulnerable children in this community, please email: connect@sinani.org