Msholozi is a community located in between White River and Nelspruit. It is a “forgotten”community as many from the area have no reason to turn off the main road to see what is going on there. The area is littered with shacks and makeshift buildings. A majority of the children that come to the feeding center & youth group do not have any I.D. What that means is they are not able to access any services like schools or clinics. There are currently 80 of the most vulnerable youth attending the care point and they are given a chance to develop though playing games, while receiving a nutritious meal. The centre is shared for clinic services administered at no charge by nurses and doctors who volunteer their time. There is so much need here that there are lines to get in to be seen. A small tent is put up with some blankets under it so the children of the patients can stay occupied with some basic toys. The current need is funding to build a fully operational Life Center. The one room wendy-house is not nearly large enough to serve the needs of this area and the plot has barely any room for people to gather, play or come together. We are currently praying for an open door to allow for this to happen while working with local community leadership. If you would like to be a part of the medical team that visits there weekly or be involved with the youth, please email and we will be happy to make that happen.