In the Maonde Community, located in Malawi, Sinani supports a Hands at Work community based organization (CBO) called Chisomo. There, 150 children receive vital services that would not be available without the involvement & care of the Chisomo CBO.

Recently all 150 children received deworming medication, ensuring that they receive the proper nutrients with their daily meal and improving their overall health and well-being. In order to improve the health and hygiene of the most vulnerable children, all 150 of the children received soap, Vaseline, toothbrushes and toothpaste. Additionally, six children were taken to the clinic where they received treatment for illnesses such as malaria and toothaches. Without the financial support of the Chisomo Community Based Organisation (CBO), education would be completely out of reach for the most vulnerable children. At the beginning of the year, there were 137 school-aged children who were able to attend school.

One of the children who receives our care is named Memory. She is ten years old and one of six siblings. When she was young, her family moved to Zambia, where her father found a job on an estate. Sadly, he became sick, and after battling his illness for some time, died last year. Memory’s mother had no choice but to move with her children back to Maonde Community, Malawi, where her relatives lived. When they arrived, they had no money, no food and no shelter. Thankfully Memory’s aunt had a small outdoor kitchen which she allowed them to live in. Despite her best efforts, Memory’s mother was unable to find work, and the family were on the brink of despair. With seven mouths to feed there was never enough food and Memory couldn’t remember a time that her stomach felt full. School was only a distant dream as each day was about survival. Forced to grow up far too quickly and carry such great responsibilities, Memory helped take care of her siblings and do household chores.

When Ratimond, a local volunteer Care Worker from the Chisomo Community Based Organisation (CBO), discovered Memory and her family, he realised their plight. He spent time visiting the family, listening to their story and offering support and encouragement. After visiting their home, Memory and her brother Symon* were invited to be part of the Care Point, where local church members volunteer as Care Workers to look after the most vulnerable children in their community. This helped share the burden that had been resting on Memory’s mother to provide for all her children.

Today, Memory is such a happy child because she has hope for the future. At the Care Point Memory can be found playing with her new friends, her stomach full of food and her eyes bright with hope. Ratimond visits the family home regularly, encouraging Memory’s mother and sharing the love of Jesus with her. Each day, Memory looks forward to going to the Care Point because of the love she receives from the Care Workers. No longer does Memory have to worry about her next meal, and she is finally attending school. Memory is a hard worker, loves to study and dreams of becoming a nurse one day. For now, though, she is savouring just being a child. This project is currently fully funded. If you would like to visit this community with a team, we have an upcoming opportunity for you to be involved: email