Centre founder, Pastor Samuel Chauque has been a long-time friend of Church Unlimited and active in his community for many years. He has great expectations for the future and has plans for a “never ending garden” to help feed the vulnerable children and even sell veggies to sustain his centre. Samuel aspires to start various projects to help upskill people in his community and provide outlets to earn income. Bead work, welding, and carpentry are some ways they want to equip people to be able to earn for themselves. Sports ministry will be a focus for the future as well. Children love to be active and it is a great way to engage them with a positive and applicable message. Samuel and his team embrace a culture of doing home visits. This is a great way to join this Life Centre and get to know this community.


Irrigation System for garden (one time) R5 000 $400 €330
Borehole (one time)   R22 000 $1,760  €1,470
Funding for daily feeding (per month) R4 000 $320 €270
Life Centre Facilities *Contact for details


Centre Founder:  Samuel Chauque
Care Workers: 5
Number of OVC’s: 150+