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“A place where orphans are known, loved, fathered & mothered, cared for, fed, helped with homework, a safe place where they can develop through play, and a place that sees them and that gives hope & opportunity”

Where We Serve


Current Projects

Malelane Hope Centre in Malelane, South Africa, feeds 215 children each week, with 5,500 meals distributed each month. The centre serves as a safe place where the children can play and interact with others.

Mamkhulu.org assists children and youth with basic needs on an on-going basis and provides counseling, access to health care facilities through advocacy and transportation, as well as life skills training, assistance with homework, teenage pregnancy counseling, grief counseling and skills training for employment.

In the Maonde Community, located in Malawi, Sinani supports a Hands at Work community based organization (CBO) called Chisomo. There, 150 children receive vital services that would not be available without the involvement & care of the Chisomo CBO.

Sinani supports a Care point in Masoyi called the Masoyi Centre. There are up to 200 children that are cared for on a weekly basis, which includes a nutricioius meal and overall assessments to ensure basic health care along with home visits. The Masoyi Centre is involved with a youth sports ministry program that is over seen by Pastor Samuel who runs the project. There is a critical need for a facility to allow for shelter, cooking and development. Right now there is not one and the children gather under a tree to eat.

Tamara Nyoli has been helping disadvantaged kids in whatever way she can for years. She is what Rob Gibbs, board member of Sinani, would call a “champion”. He uses this term to describe people rising above their circumstances to lay down their lives for orphaned children, despite not always having the means to do so e ectively.

Located in Mpakeni, this community is located just outside of Nelspruit on the way towards the Mozambique border. There are various initiatives here. There is a Care point for 30 of the most vulnerable children from the area, plus a crèche & a school ministry of 270 children.

Msholozi is a community located in between White River and Nelspruit. It is a “forgotten”community as many from the area have no reason to turn off the main road to see what is going on there. The area is littered with shacks and makeshift buildings.

Oakley Hope Centre is located in Hazeyview in the South African province of Mpumalanga. The centre feeds over 100 children every day and has a spiritual care worker involved with planned curriculum for the children on a daily basis.

Bambanani community based organization, is a Hands at Work - Sinani supported project, located at one of the borders into the country of Swaziland. It’s very rural area with not much opportunity for work. There are currently 50 vulnerable children supported at this CBO.

Kabokweni, Mpumalanga

Another one of our supported projects is called Ukuthunga – Hand Made. It’s a craft project and income generating activity (IGA) in Msholozi, Back Door, Mpakeni and Sabie. With over 50 ladies from these vulnerable community, many of them are widowed or come from vulnerable circumstances with no way to earn a living.

When Sinani first goes into a community, the first thing we look for is a ‘Mother Theresa’ or a community leader with a heart for vulnerable children. In our experience, if that doesn’t exist, it is very difficult to provide support that leads to any real change.

15 years ago, the Zwel Kids Community Based Organization (CBO) was birthed. At first, it was like every other feeding scheme. Good intentioned people wanting to somehow provide much needed food in a starving community.