Article by Sydney Rebro | 13 July 2020

Throughout the lockdown, Sinani has been going strong. We do not want to abandon the communities when they need us most. Many organizations are slowing down, but we are keeping our foot on the pedal. We have been delivering food parcels with consistency. We have also ensured that all of our kids have masks, and that our care centers are creating a norm of wearing them, sanitizing, and practicing social distancing. 

Article by Sydney Rebro | 27 May 2020

Money doesn’t grow on trees, but one key to providing for South Africa’s less fortunate does. South Africa is the second largest citrus exporting country in the world. It is the first in the Southern Hemisphere, producing more than 60% of the Southern Hemisphere’s citrus exports. One of South Africa’s homegrown fruits is the naartjie, also known as the mandarin, satsuma, or tangerine. Naartjies are rich in vitamins and, most importantly, they boost immune systems.

Article by Anmané Eckard | 22 April 2020

MBOMBELA – A registered non-profit organisation has kept on feeding over 1100 vulnerable children located throughout Mpumalanga during the Covid19 coronavirus lockdown. Sinani is based in Mbombela and partners with community-based projects to grow each one into a fully operational life centre, at which orphans and vulnerable children are known by name, cared for, fed and helped with homework.

Article by Craig Rebro | 22 April 2020

During lockdown, many communities have no way to provide for their families. We've been delivering food parcels to combat this. A recent partnership with COVID Flight Lowveld has helped us to increase our ability to do this. Many other NGO's have joined arms in solidarity against hunger for those that have the greatest need. It's been amazing to meet many new people for the common goal of helping our nieghbor.

Article by Craig Rebro | 19 March 2020

14 March 2020 marked the start of the Sinani soccer Premier League. Last year, we found that most of our boys become disinterested in the centres around the age of 15 unless there are healthy activities at the centres. We've been slowly building teams and finding coaches along with looking for sponsors. We are grateful to Build it for their participation and support but need more to be able to continue mid to long term.

Article by Craig Rebro | 9 March 2020

We are so excited to have already launched two new cycling clubs this year! After a series of youth forums last year, the kids made it clear that they needed healthy activities in their communities. Things to keep them active and to enjoy life like any other child should. We have found that around the age of 14, some children stop coming to the centres because in the past there wasn't much for them to do there. Instead of just feeding them, we want to create life there. This is a great start.

Article by Craig Rebro | 9 March 2020

Sinani in the News! See our recent feature in the Lowvelder here: 

WATCH: Influencing change in Mbombela, one community at a time - Lowvelder.

Article by Fleur Hasebos | 20 November 2019

October was not only the month of ReadySetGo training, it was also the month of the Rights of the Child Conference.

Article by Craig Rebro | 4 November 2019

Would you like to help bring a smile to a child's face this Christmas? If so, we have just the place for you!

This year Sinani will be hosting 11 Christmas parties for 1061 children.  That's a lot of parties and a lot of gifts for our small team to deliver.  We need your help! We would like to give a small gift to each child as well as a meal and a treat.  Not only does that take people, it also takes money.  We have a budget of R100 per child, but we've only received donations of R42,000 to date.  We still need another R63,100 to reach all of our children.  

Article by Fleur Hasebos | 28 October 2019

A week of workouts, fellowship and learning about the gospel. Two men from team Sinani and two men from different life centres in our communities went to Pretoria this month. A week of sports ministry: training and learning more about the Kingdom. ReadySetGo is an organization that partners with Sinani. A team member who went on the trip explained: "Ready is the process of gathering and envisioning people to make disciples for Christ in sport and play.