Article by Fleur Hasebos | 28 October 2019

A week of workouts, fellowship and learning about the gospel. Two men from team Sinani and two men from different life centres in our communities went to Pretoria this month. A week of sports ministry: training and learning more about the Kingdom. ReadySetGo is an organization that partners with Sinani. A team member who went on the trip explained: "Ready is the process of gathering and envisioning people to make disciples for Christ in sport and play.

Article by Fleur Hasebos | 2 October 2019


This month we visited one of our more distant communities. On the border with Swaziland lies Oshoek community. Sinani supports this community together with Hands at Work. Thursday morning we left Nelspruit in the early morning together with a team from Hands. This outreach consisted of the finishing touches of painting the colorful center in Oshoek (on an outreach in April the center was painted in bright colors), Holy Home Visits, worship and spending time with the kids and the care workers, all in two days.

Article by Fleur Hasebos | 13 September 2019

Grace Church Team... A team of 7 Americans from Grace Church – Racine, WI. came on a mission trip to come along side the work that Sinani is doing. Grace Church is Craig and Brenda Rebro’s church in America, so for them this was an extra special occasion. The team lived and worked together with Sinani for a week and a half. The team went into community most days. Their mission for coming here was to live out the gospel and share the teachings of the Bible. They came to serve the people in communities. Once they arrived in the communities they were welcomed them with open arms.

Article by Fleur Hasebos | 13 September 2019

Canoeing the longest river of the Netherlands... In August something remarkable happened. In order to raise money for Sinani a man in Holland canoed the longest river of the Netherlands: De Linge. The river being 108km took Dutchman Dirk Zwart 3 days to canoe. In cooperation with his niece and Sinani’s newest intern Fleur Hasebos, he raised funds for Sinani. This couple hoped to raise some money from close friends and family members, however they took a shot and sent in their story to a few local newspapers in the hope that one of them might print their project.

Article by Craig Rebro | 8 August 2019

We're excited to give you a short highlight reel of some recent events. Click Here:


Article by Craig Rebro | 2 August 2019

Sinani has been working hard at growing our reach to other countries. Click the link to see Executive Director, Brenda Rebro advocating in Venice, Florida for South Africa & Sinani.


Article by Craig Rebro | 11 July 2019

It's been an incredible year so far! From international teams, to kids camps to encouraging trips to Malawi. If you would like to see what we've been up to, click here for a short video:


Article by Craig Rebro | 12 June 2019

On 8 June, 2019, a record number of riders and runners showed up to participate in the 3rdannual Zwel Challenge. This event was held to promote child protection week and to advocate for the orphan and vulnerable children that attend the Zwel Kids Club Monday – Friday. This year, there was a 15 & 30K mountain bike challenge along with a 5K run/walk. Hundreds of people came out to enjoy the day from all walks of life. It was great to see everyone come together to show we all have South Africa’s future on our hearts.

Article by Craig Rebro | 13 May 2019

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Article by Craig Rebro | 27 April 2019 ... A team of Sinani volunteers recently visited the Oshoek community to bring life to a Hands at Work Centre that is supported by Sinani. It was an overnight outreach and it was a huge success. This area is located within walking distance of the Swaziland boarder. There are many poor and vulnerable here.