Article by Craig Rebro | 2 August 2019

Sinani has been working hard at growing our reach to other countries. Click the link to see Executive Director, Brenda Rebro advocating in Venice, Florida for South Africa & Sinani.


Article by Craig Rebro | 11 July 2019

It's been an incredible year so far! From international teams, to kids camps to encouraging trips to Malawi. If you would like to see what we've been up to, click here for a short video:


Article by Craig Rebro | 12 June 2019

On 8 June, 2019, a record number of riders and runners showed up to participate in the 3rdannual Zwel Challenge. This event was held to promote child protection week and to advocate for the orphan and vulnerable children that attend the Zwel Kids Club Monday – Friday. This year, there was a 15 & 30K mountain bike challenge along with a 5K run/walk. Hundreds of people came out to enjoy the day from all walks of life. It was great to see everyone come together to show we all have South Africa’s future on our hearts.

Article by Craig Rebro | 13 May 2019

For Complete Details and to sign up, click here:

Article by Craig Rebro | 27 April 2019 ... A team of Sinani volunteers recently visited the Oshoek community to bring life to a Hands at Work Centre that is supported by Sinani. It was an overnight outreach and it was a huge success. This area is located within walking distance of the Swaziland boarder. There are many poor and vulnerable here.

Article by Craig Rebro | 8 April 2019

There is still time! Join us on this amazing opportunity.

For inquires, or Brenda at 062.286.1800

Article by Craig Rebro | 7 April 2019

Take a look at what we've been up to:



Article by Craig Rebro | 19 February 2019

Join Sinani, in partnership with Hands at Work, on Thursday 28 March - Friday 29 March (overnight) as we head out to the Oshoek community to paint their care centre. We will visit homes so that we can get to know the people who's lives we will be investing in, spend the night in the Oshoek (In the Hands at Work service centre) and also spend the day painting the care centre and adding "life". We would love for you to come out and join us o this outreach. Contact: or Brenda at 062.286.1800.

Article by Craig Rebro | 19 February 2019

WE WANT YOU! Please come join us on the 28th of February for a light meal, fellowship and an opportuntiy to see what is going on in and through our church. 6pm - 8pm. It's a great way to to learn how you can get involved with the many communities we are working in. RSVP - Brenda at 062.286.1800 or

Article by Craig Rebro | 28 January 2019

We are excited to celebrate some highlights from 2018 but are thrilled to inspire you to get involved in 2019! Click the link below to see a short video to motivate you...