Blessing the blessed

Blessing the blessed

Grace Church Team... A team of 7 Americans from Grace Church – Racine, WI. came on a mission trip to come along side the work that Sinani is doing. Grace Church is Craig and Brenda Rebro’s church in America, so for them this was an extra special occasion. The team lived and worked together with Sinani for a week and a half. The team went into community most days. Their mission for coming here was to live out the gospel and share the teachings of the Bible. They came to serve the people in communities. Once they arrived in the communities they were welcomed them with open arms. The team walked alongside the Care Workers to experience their lives and their challenges. 

The Grace church team was able to encourage several communities by sharing the gospel through telling stories, singing and prayer. By doing home visits they got to see the real lives of some people living in Sinani’s communities, this is something Care Workers do on a daily basis. You are welcomed in someone’s home and they tell you their story, this can be heartbreaking at times. The team brought their strength from Christ and was able to speak from their hearts, not only encouraging the people in the homes but also the Care Workers alongside of them. 

After arriving back at the Life Centers, the team got to experience real community lunches like samp and beans, and pap with chicken feet. Soon after having lunch the kids came from school and the team got to play games with them, one of the kids’ favorites now is ‘duck, duck, goose’. 

One day the team had prepared a special ‘Care Worker appreciation day’ – the men and women could relax while the Sinani team gave “spa treatment” to the men and ladies by massaging & washing their hands and feet, while tea and cookies were handed out. Besides this, one Life Center was given a makeover using colorful paint and a lot of helpful hands. And one day the team transformed Tekathako Disabled Center into an arts and crafts studio making beautiful paintings for the wall. 

This team was able to be a blessing to the Care Workers as well as the other way around. 

Would you like to visit Sinani and be a blessing to the Care Workers with your team? We invite you to come. Contact